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We celebrate pretty, pie-eyed girls. Long-haired glamour girls, dressed in elegant evening wear, high heels, stockings and garters. All PIED and GUNGED. Our girls remain fully dressed as they endure cream pies, custard, chocolate, shaving cream, cookies, tomato sauce and any other gunge you can imagine. Most videos end with a shower scene, so you get to see the gunge evaporate and the glamorous gowns emerge once again.
Formal Pies Video Downloads
"Where's My Tuxedo?" Olivia is "punished" for losing it. Full version =
2 Scenes, 5 minutes each, $5.95
each. Download it HERE>>
"Fun with Shaving Cream!" Olivia loves the fluffy stuff. Scene ends with shower scene. Full version = 7 min, $7.95.
Download it HERE>>
Olivia tastes her wedding pie and isn't too happy with the results. The Baker gets his revenge. Full version = 10 min, $10.95; Download it HERE>>
Olivia plays trivia game with the waiter, and loses at her Bachelorette Party. Full version = 12 min, $11.95; Download it HERE>>
Olivia loves pancakes and syrup. And her fiance complies. Full version =
12 min, $11.95;
Download it HERE>>
How romantic! Olivia spends her honeymoon getting pelted with shaving cream pies. Full version = 12 min, $11.95; Download it HERE>>
Sandy at the singles bar, and pied bride. Full version = 8 min, $8.95;
Download it HERE>>
Check out our new girl Kitt as she gets Egged and Pied. Full version = 10 min, $10.95; Download it HERE>>
Kitt makes a lovely bride, until she gets pied, that is. Full version = 9 min, $9.95; Download it HERE>>
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